Excuse My Absense

Being home = a lot to catch up on.  Between working major shifts at work to cover the expenses of the car I just bought, and spending time with family and friends, I’ve been stretched pretty thin.  But, for today’s post, I have a great story with a real moral behind it.

My 7 year old sister, Rachel, loves getting her nails done.  Crazy, right?  I mean she’s 7, not many 7 year olds have had the privilege of visiting a nail salon.  Anyways, for her birthday, one of her friends got her a gift certificate to a local nail salon.  Her birthday is in October, and her party was in the beginning of September (she wanted to have a pool party with her friends).  She waited until today to use the gift card, because she wanted my other sister and I to be with her to use it; “Sister Bonding Day”.  I cannot believe how selfless that was of her.  A 7 year old kid, who loves manicures, waits for her sisters to be able to share in the gift with her.  Of course, I love getting my nails done too, so I knew she did this with good thought.  It’s close to the holidays, and everyone’s getting caught up in the “spreading holiday cheer” and random acts of selflesness.  Why not keep that going, all year long?  I mean little things like this, can make anyone’s day.  Keep the goodness going folks, good karma is a good thing to have.



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