Second Semester Blues

Welcome back to school y’all! I bet you’re all super excited, and I pray nobody has those god awful 8 AM classes we all hear about.  If anyone is feeling the way I am about the start of a new semester, you’re making this face right now, or will be when classes start:



How precious.  Anyway…

I cannot describe how happy I am to be back in Columbia.  After how much I thought I hated it in the beginning, I have definitely grown to love where I am.  I suggest anyone above the Mason Dixon line to come down and see what the southern lifestyle is all about – its really freakin’ cool.  Sweet tea will forever taste better than regular crappy unsweet lame excuse for tea, and biscuits are my new favorite breakfast food.  

But really y’all, this next semester is a chance to fix whatever we may have messed up on the first semester.  I know after my not so hot grades came out, I realized I had to step up my game this time around.  That means no more Monday Night Pavs, or Muchos nights with the girls.  Instead I will be partaking in Moes Monday and parties in the 5th floor of Thomas Cooper Library.  Determined?  You betcha. 


Good luck to everyone with their classes, let’s make this semester one for the books!



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