Technical Difficulties

So, I’ve been MIA for quite some time.  Not because I stopped caring, or because I got lazy, but because I had a huge oopsies as far as technological aspects of blog/website-keeping goes.  I had two accounts, and only linked one to the website, while posting onto the other which wasn’t linked. Which is also why some of my posts are in a strange order now.  BUT! I have it all figured out now, and I will be posting much more regularly, yay!

Old news: Winter break made me realize that even though you can always go home, don’t expect much to change.  Because it wont.  Also, not to become to attached to your cell phone, because as I’m typing this on my laptop, I am expecting auto-correct to kick in and add my apostrophes as necessary and adding periods to the end of my sentence whenever I hit the space bar twice.

New News: My classes are making my life hectic.  Six classes are a whole lot different than five. Though it may seem like a small difference, when most of the classes are painful gen-eds that you have to take regardless of your major, it is EVERYTHING. Although I have enrolled in a digital photography class to hopefully act as a relaxation method for the stress that will ensue this semester.  Except the class is at 8:40 AM on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Joy.


Off to the srat castle for dinner, yay Mexican cuisine from our fabulous chefs!





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