Too much of a good thing

Is it a good thing?  Or not?

I can always count on my boyfriend for blog provoking conversation.  Last night, it happened to be clingy, annoying couples.

We all know one.  Those two people who cannot be without one another.  You want to hang out with your friend?  That’s great.  Hope you don’t mind hanging out with her boyfriend either, because the two are joined at the hip.  Sure, at first it is really cute.  You see them together, all the time, and think “Aw, how precious, I wish I had someone to be with all the time”.  And then, after a few days, months, years, it gets old.  Fast.

We all get it, you love your boyfriend.  And that’s great, really.  But being up his ass 24/7 (and vice versa, because boyfriends can be clingy too) is not going to do anything good for the relationship.  I mean really, when you see the person before school, during school, after school, after sports, and then go to sleep with them, when do you ever get time to actually miss them?  I mean is the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” dead?

I think that is the reason many relationships fail.  It’s too much, too soon.  Less and less people are realizing that the point of a relationship is not to completely give yourself up, but to trust some of yourself to another person.  So many people completely lose touch with who they are when they get into relationships like this, but they never actually realize it until the relationship ends.  Even though, during the course of the relationship, everyone tries to warn them.  But they don’t listen because their boyfriend is the greatest thing to happen to them and he’s the only thing they care about.  WRONG.  BAD BOYFRIEND ALERT.

Any boyfriend with brains wouldn’t want to be the ONLY thing his girl cares about.  A good boyfriend will support things that his girl cared about, long before he even came into the picture.  Like lifelong friends, hobbies, her sports teams (even if he isn’t Tom Brady’s biggest fan), and most importantly, her family.  The same goes for clingy girlfriends, what boy wants a girl constantly breathing down his back checking on his every move?  I can’t name any, and if you can, then I suggest you get them some help.

Anyway y’all, bottom line, too much of a good thing is never a good thing.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  I could use a million cliche sayings to get this point across, but I think you get the point.




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