The Future Freaks Me Out

The future actually doesn’t freak me out, it’s just a song by Motion City Soundtrack (which  recommend you listen to).


In the past few days, actually just this weekend, I got really excited about my future.  Who am I kidding, I’ve been getting excited about my future ever since I made a Pinterest..I mean went to college.  But anyway…Maybe it was the excessive amount of homework I tackled (making me feel like a genius/superwoman), or the excessive amount of pinning I did to my dream house and dream wedding boards.  Regardless, I’ve come to the conclusion that my future is going to kick butt.  Also, snaps for me because my roommate and I have started a “swear jar” in a effort to clean up our mouths.  As broke college students, it’s proving very effective as we barely have money to spend at Monday Night Pav’s, let alone to drop an F-bomb.  Anyway, ways to be optimistic and excited about the future…

1. Life’s what you make it.

Okay, Hannah Montana.  So cliche, but so true.  So many people have the worst luck, and things don’t seem to work in their favor, but they keep their chins up and smile, because they’re making the most of their situation.  On the other hand, some people have amazing lives that they take for granted.  Those people tend to be absolutely MISERABLE.  Why?  Because they’re dealt the ultimate hand of life, and do nothing with it.  The happiest people have the least, material-wise that is, I’m noticing.  They get to appreciate all the little things in life, and isn’t that what matters the most?  I’m not saying Tiffany necklaces don’t get me going, because they totally do, but at the end of the day my amazing family, incredibly supportive boyfriend, and angels of friends are the number one things in my life.

2. You are who you surround yourself with.

All throughout high school, my parents would tell me this.  But, I was too social and friends with all types of people; the athletic popular kids, the hipster badass kids, the artsy quiet kids, and everything in between.  In the end, the type of label they fit isn’t what I mean by this.  I mean are they negative Nancy or positive Polly type people?  Negativity breeds negativity, so how on earth are you supposed to get excited when you’re surrounded by the Eeyore types of people?  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it definitely isn’t easy.  I’ve found it is much easier to achieve success when surrounded by those who are cheering you on, not dragging you down.  Finding people who share in excitement for your future is such positive energy to feed off of!  Call those people “true friends”.

3. Hard work DOES pay off.

I spent my entire weekend (for the most part) doing homework.  With the exception of Friday night, I put my pretty little nose to grindstone and worked my butt off to finish the mounds of assignments that haunted me.  Today, around 3:30 in the afternoon, I finished 6 Spanish assignments, 3 genetics papers, 5 calculus assignments, and a photography project.  My reward to myself was an afternoon of coffee, FRIENDS, and Pinterest.  Sure, my reward wasn’t anything major or of monetary value, but peace of mind was another pretty big part of the reward.  Plus, you just feel good after conquering these sort of daunting tasks.  I busted butt for a little over a day, and in the end I had all my weeks work done, and I got to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon and not have to worry about tomorrow’s classes and due dates and other stresses that come from an 18 credit hour schedule.  Though the reward seems lame and the tasks seem boring, my work paid off.  I can now somewhat enjoy the week ahead which includes (but is not limited to) 5 quizzes, rounds of Spring Rush, and Spanish compositions.  But like I said previously, optimism!

4.  Wherever you are, be there.

I cannot count the number of times my father included this phrase in the speech he would make at my school’s graduation.  He’s right though, you have to enjoy where you are.  That seems weird, because I’m talking about the future, yet I’m telling you to enjoy the moment.  Let me explain.  Enjoying the moment, enjoying the company you hold at that present moment in time, makes you appreciate what you have.  When you appreciate what you have, you’re content with your life.  Once you’re content with your life, you can start to think of the future.  When you have a pretty good idea that your life will be keeping the pattern it currently holds,  it makes mentally “planning” (I like to call it daydreaming) your future in the next 10, 5 even a year from now, exciting, fun, and easy.  So enjoy where you are, and the rest will fall into place, and it will be beautiful.

5. Think even father ahead (or behind).

Think 30 years from now, is the future you imagined in your head for that time something that your future family could be proud of?  No matter how amazing people’s parents are, the general consensus is that our generation wants to give our children more than our parents gave us.  That’s not to say that our parents didn’t give us enough, because I speak for several people I know personally who have been more than blessed by their parents.  Yet you always want to do even more, because as great as you may have had it, you always want better for your (not yet existent) children.   It’s an exciting concept.  For 18-22 years (depending on how much time you spent at home), you watched your parents go above and beyond, giving you and your siblings everything they possibly could.  Hopefully, you were incredibly grateful, too.  I don’t know about you, but I want to give my potential future children more than my parents gave me, and that’s saying something.  I was incredibly blessed throughout my childhood and continue to be.  But, I know giving my kids more means that I’ll have to work even harder than my parents.  When I was a baby, both of my parents worked 3 jobs, and some odd jobs like mowing lawns so that one day we could move into a bigger house.  When I was two, we moved into the house I spent the remaining 16 years in my hometown living in.  Maybe I will have to work 4 jobs, and recycle cans for 5 cents a pop, but that’s exciting.  Why?  Why not?


Bottom line, the future is just about anything you want it to be.  Why wouldn’t you want it to be everything you imagine?




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