Lets Play Catch-Up

So, I’ve been ridiculously MIA the past few weeks. My excuse is 18 credit hours, and major Spring Break fever. However, I have been jotting down ideas for things to rant/blog about. And they will all be compiled into this post. Before you start reading, make sure you have ample time. Ready, set, go!

1. You can get with this, or you can get with that.

Raise your hand if while reading that title, you sang the stupid hamster car commercial song… *raises hand*.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that lately girls are looking for Mr. Right.. shocking news really. The problem is, they all want the same one. The one who will buy you the standard chocolates and flowers for Valentines day, take you out for a fancy dinner on your birthday, and one who is the stereotypical definition of perfect, (see “tall, dark, and handsome”).  Now I am absolutely saying that there is anything wrong with someone who does all that. In fact, that’s great. It’s always nice to have someone who likes to do nice things for you.  But.. you can get with standard, cookie cutter Mr. Right, or you can put in effort and find Mr. Right for You. What I mean by that is, rather than finding someone who goes by the book, find someone who is daring enough to get creative and do things that they know suit you. Like instead of a perfume gift set, a sweater in a color they know you love and a personalized gift like oh, say…. a dart board with pictures on it, not to release anger, but to aid in your decision making process because they know how indecisive you are. Not necessarily that specific gift, but something that actually speaks to YOU as a person, and not 99.9% of the female population. If everyone had Rolls Royces, they wouldn’t be special. So find your Rolls Royce, instead of a Honda Civic. They are after all the most stolen car in America.

2. Sharing is caring, right?

WRONG! Well, sometimes. I’m all for sharing the Diet Coke in my fridge, shoes from my closet, and just about anything else. I do not, under any circumstances, share boys. I’ve never understood why when girls can see (courtesy of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or  standing next to them at the bars) that a man is in a relationship, that they would meddle in that. Like what? Sorry no, get out. I’ve seen some wild twitter rants about this kind of stuff lately. Don’t get me wrong, the rants themselves are hilarious. The concept of what is happening, however, is not. It doesn’t speak well of the character of the girl doing the wedging (you know, wedging her way into your relationship), and it speaks even worse of your man if he is stupid enough to feed into it. I understand there’s a level of politeness, but if you see him buying her drinks, and/or sense that flirtiness in the air (WE ARE GIRLS. WE CAN SENSE THAT), time for a call out. Trust is so so so so so SO crucial in a relationship. Why be with someone that you can go out with Saturday night, and they’ll be nowhere to be found come Sunday morning? The only people that should be remotely involved in the relationship are obviously the two in it, and mayyyyyybe the parents, depending on the situation. Random girls, there is no place for you at this table for two. Whether it be your free drink thirsty self, or your nosy ears. You don’t need to know what’s going on, so stop the twitter stalking, and eaves dropping, and overall creepiness. It takes 2 to love, and 3 to ruin it. So don’t be that third, or you won’t know what hit ya.

There were two more topics, but I couldn’t rant about them just yet. More for tomorrow!



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