It’s funny sometimes, isn’t it? One minute, everything it going exactly how you want it, and you don’t possibly think you could be any happier. And then, more wonderful things happen, and you realize it can get WAY better. But, there’s also those times where everything is going wrong, and just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, you fall a little farther back.  I’m totally convinced that things both good and bad happen in sets of threes. You ace an exam, score free starbucks, and get a nice gift package from home. On the opposite hand, you bomb a test, your coffee is burnt, and the only things in your mailbox are bills. So…

The good things: a total blessing. Every once in a while, reminders of the good in anything are crucial. I think sometimes we all take things for granted; phonecalls with family, the love we share, Starbucks, classes that don’t take attendance, and waking up every morning, safe and healthy in my own bed. Sure it sounds like something your mom would say when you complained about her making tuna casserole for dinner, but there are people who wake up every morning in fear, terminally ill, on the streets. Be happy you aren’t. Be glad you have the money to buy coffee, the blankets to cover up in, and two working lungs so you can breathe and be alive. While you have the good things, don’t take them for granted. Bad things could happen, and they could be gone.

Sometimes, I literally sit on my couch, writing a paper, and stop for a solid five minutes to think of how blessed I am. It’s kind of nice, to put thing into perspective and see what I really have.

The bad things: a blessing in disguise. Bad coffee, a less than ideal grade on a test, the common cold, or an argument with someone you care about, are all things that definitely suck, but it could be a lot worse. In life, things happen and you just learn to roll with it and deal. I’ve found the key to never having a crappy coffee, is to make it yourself (Yay Keurig!). I’ve found the key to making decent grades in class is studying/paying attention (or at least looking like it). The common cold? Pop those vitamin C pills. But, even if you take all these “precautionary” measures, crappy coffee could happen, bad grades may be earned, and you may find yourself with a sniffle every now and then. Arguments? Well, theres no avoiding those, but you’ve gotta take them head on and face whatever life throws at you.

But, when these bad things happen, it might suck at the initial thought. Actually, it definitely will suck at the initial thought. After some time passes though, (hopefully) you’ll realize that everything happens for a reason. Your bad coffee could like a sign, telling you not to drink it because you’re going to meet the man of your dreams today and he doesn’t like girls with coffee breath. That example was an extreme exaggeration, but you get the idea. Plus, you have to have bad coffees to appreciate the ones that your barista has made to perfection. 

A while back, one of my friends sent me a picture the found on tumblr, and I found it to be extremely true. Weird.. truth on the internet.



I mean how much more accurate can you get?

Life is full of amazing things that give you the greatest joy you’ll ever know. It also can show you the most heart wrenching pain you’ve ever felt. If you’ve never expienced both, you aren’t experiencing life.

For the record im writing this on one of my days where things are going wrong, and I’m still positive and optimistic about what tomorrow will bring. You should be too.



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