One Year Down

I’m writing this as a tool for procrastination/study break as my finals week begins. I cannot believe my first year of college is done. Time really does fly. It seems like just the other day I was loading up my parents car with my excessive amounts of clothes and Keurig, and now I’m packing up … More One Year Down


The title is the farthest thing from creative but I’m so mentally drained from this calc exam that I can’t even bother to come up with something remotely clever, so I apologize. Lately, I’ve been learning that trust is everything. You have to trust those around you, those in your life, and most importantly, yourself. … More Trust

Life goes on

First, and foremost, I would like to ask everyone to pray for the city of Boston, and all of those involved in the tragedy that took place this afternoon. Having parents in the city that day, I know I was a freaking nervous wreck until I heard from them. Bless all of those impacted, and … More Life goes on