Life goes on

First, and foremost, I would like to ask everyone to pray for the city of Boston, and all of those involved in the tragedy that took place this afternoon. Having parents in the city that day, I know I was a freaking nervous wreck until I heard from them. Bless all of those impacted, and I thank all of the EMT, fire, police, hospital employees, members of the national guard, and everyone else working towards safety in Boston right now.

In other news…

Ever feel like someone is plotting against you? Like they’re rooting for you…seemingly…but there’s little sublimial messages that make it seem like they’re just waiting for you to fail?  Not because they want to see you fail, but because you failing works in their favor.  So they can get ahead, acheive what they want, take what they want, ya know?  And of course, it’s not like you can confront them about it, because that would just be awkward, right? OF COURSE WHEN IS THE WORLD NOT DOING SOMETHING AWKWARD. Anyway, I’ve got that feeling.  And as much as it freaks me out, I just want to shake that person and say “STAHP” like Sammi from Jersey Shore.  For all I know, I could be completely reading into this too much (what else is new).  But something tells me I’m not.  We all know some bitter souls out there.  And with bitterness, comes fakeness.  And I do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT tolerate fakeness.  I mean sure, I’ll let you get away with it for a minute on the surface, but I’m incredibly perceptive and catch on right away if I sense you’re acting fishy.


YOU. HATER. Or whatever I should call you.

Know this, life goes on. And it goes on pretty fast. If your life moved on from something a while ago, let it go. And let it go where it wants, rather than following it around like a lost puppy dog that hasn’t had water in weeks; sad and thirsty.  So cut it out. Please.  It is not a becoming quality, and I know.  If you don’t think I do, heres a little secret, I DO.  And I hate to come accross as harsh, but seriously.  I don’t want to hear about your past relationship.  And I don’t want to know if you still have a shred of hope he’ll come back.

If you’re bored I suggest you watch the NFL Bad Lip Reading on youtube.

My friends and I have been quoting it, daily, for about two weeks now.

Finger time.



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