One Year Down

I’m writing this as a tool for procrastination/study break as my finals week begins. I cannot believe my first year of college is done. Time really does fly. It seems like just the other day I was loading up my parents car with my excessive amounts of clothes and Keurig, and now I’m packing up my car with the same excessive amounts of clothes and Keurig to move into a storage unit for my apartment that I will be moving into mid-June. It’s kind of surreal, seeing my dorm room empty as quickly as it filled, realizing I’ll be away from these people I’ve formed friendships with for a whole summer, that I’ll be making the 16 hour trek home alone, being away from my boyfriend for a month and a half, and of course, being back to working all the time. I picked up a nannying job in my hometown for the time I will be there, and of course back to my favorite hostessing job at a local restaurant, a grand total of roughly 50 hours per week, give or take a few. The real world is finally starting to hit me. I have an apartment, complete with rent, utility bills, and all those fun things. I have a credit card, that I dread opening the statement each month. I have my car completely paid off (praise the Lord). I’m working my way to financial independence, how scary is that? This year, it was for the most part total independence, not having parents there to monitor me. However, I’m glad I could rise to the occasion. I have maintained my GPA and scholarship throughout the year, and am a student in the Darla Moore school of Business at USC. The classes have sure been a struggle, that goes without saying. So, if you’re going into college next year, or even the year after, or know someone who is, let them know that it is NOT THAT EASY. No matter what anyone says, I refuse to believe that high school prepares you for college. No way. Maybe certain teachers do (A huge thank you to Mr. Orszulak, Mrs. Orszulak, Mrs. Briggs-Lefferts, Mr. Rich, Mrs. Crowley, and of course Mrs. Grant for preparing me), given the courseload and what they expect from their students. High school is where the information you learn, for the most part, is spoon fed to you. You get the information on a silver platter and then are given a quiz or test on the same silver platter. I can honestly say that in high school, I can count the number of times I studied on my hands. I don’t mean flipped the pages around studied, I mean full out flash cards, total lockdown, study groups, after school tutoring, studied. Needless to say I knew how to study, but I never really had to, just because the classes were that simple. Coming into college, I knew it would be different, but I didn’t know by how much. The classes are so different – who would ever leach sentential logic in a high school?! Professors expect more (duh), and some are willing to help more than others (look at before you take a class). It’s a whole different world. Truthfully, I don’t know if anything will ever prepare you for the whirlwind that is freshman year. It’s a time of adjustment, and as corny as it sounds, new beginnings. You know change is coming, but you won’t know what it is until you get here. 

You WILL struggle this year. You WILL have to study more than you ever thought possible. You WILL pull all nighters before exams. You WILL start having date nights with the library. 


You WILL have the most fun you’ve ever had in your life. You WILL meet so many new and amazing people. You WILL be rewarded for all your hard work (Hello, future employers!). You WILL become a part of something bigger than yourself. 


College is amazing. Remember this though; work hard, play hard.

ESPN College Gameday came to my school during football season, and I had a HUGE Calc exam the next Monday. Any sort of math has never been and probably will never be my thing, so I found myself studying that weekend. Until my dad texted me and asked if I was there. I said “No, I’m studying”. And it was then that my father, who undoubtedly wants me to succeed and do the best I can in everything, told me to stop studying, and go the Gameday. I knew i would be in deep trouble if I didn’t come close to acing this exam, but my dad was right. Sometimes, you just have to be where the fun is. I ended up going and having the time of my life, all night on the famous Horseshoe, chanting USC at all hours, Sandstorming like crazy, and just having a good time. I ended up getting a B on that exam too. So like I said, work hard, play hard.

It’s scary at first, but I promise you, take it day by day and you just might make it out alive.



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