Less Than Ideal

As most of you who read this (hopefully) know, I’m in a long distance relationship.

Usually, he’s in Boone and I’m in Columbia, 3 hours apart. But now, I’m still in Columbia and he’s in Charlotte, less than an hour and a half away. We’ve been spoiled with this newfound ability to make random mini trips to see each other, and it’s been a real blessing. However we’re both coming off the high of having a more normal situation, and it’s making us very blah.

The standard couple, at least in college, attends the same school, can see each other whenever with no complications, and even has the luxury to never have to miss one another. And while I wake up, or get out of bed, since I never actually fell asleep last night, bummed out and damning my situation, I stop myself and thank god that I get to experience something that so many people haven’t, and maybe never will.

That, is true love. Full on head over heels, need it, want it, crave it, love it, miss you already, let me make you dinner, tickle me one more time and you die, come hold me I’m sad, goodnight angel I love you, love. And while this situation is less than ideal, it isn’t like we had any control over who we would fall in love with, we just fell, and continued to, and still are. And that’s the fact of the matter. You do not have any control over who you will fall in love with. You can’t control who, where, how, why, when, or any of that. It just happens. So rather than sitting here and being sad for myself because I don’t have the “norm” as far as love is concerned, I’m just going to be thankful that I have it.


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