A Whole Year

First off let me just state the obvious: I have completely sucked at blog upkeep over the summer.

But, I’ve been busy. Between moving into my apartment, enjoying vacation time with my family and boyfriend, countless hours spent crafting for my future little, 15 hour drives to Massachusetts, working at American Eagle, among other things, I just haven’t been on my A game.

That is all going to change. I’ve been in talks with some graphic desgin and template folks over at http://www.jellydesignstudio.com/, and am ready to get this space rolling. I think part of why I don’t blog as intensely is because right now, this space isn’t where I want it. I’m not happy with my website design or any of that. I mean hello, I’m not a professional at this. Finding people who are professionals, will hopefully help me launch this creative space into something worthwhile. Anyway..


As I head into my sophomore year at USC (YIKES), I think about everything that’s happened in the last year.

– 3 of my friends have gotten engaged, one of which is getting married tomorrow!

-I’ve gotten a job at last!

-I’ve changed my major 3 times, but I finally have an idea of what I’d like to do.

-I moved into an apartment of my own, where I will probably be for the next four or so years while I finish my schooling here.

-I learned how to listen to people.

-Obviously more things have happened I just really don’t feel like giving a laundry list update on my life since August 16, 2012.


My most recent, most favorite lesson, is to give everyone a chance. I’ll be the first to admit, I am very quick to judge. Partially because I think of myself as very perceptive, which I am. Sometimes, I’m wrong. The thing is, I know I’m wrong.

Do you ever just not like someone, just because? They’ve never really done anything to hurt you, much less converse with you, but you find yourself just fuming at the very thought of their existence? Okay maybe not their existence, but their presence in your life.

Theres someone, who for the LONGEST time, I could not STAND. I detested her, and I was pretty sure she didnt like me. Key words: pretty sure. She was always lurking in a part of my life that I felt she didn’t belong in. Yeah sure she was always on my side and seemed to cheer me on, but because I have been stabbed in the back quite a few times, I couldn’t help but assume that she had an alterior motive. And you know what they say when you assume….

But could you blame me? I mean when you’ve been screwed over by people who seem to be your biggest fans as much as I have, you stop trusting peoples exteriors. You can smile and wave my way all you want, I won’t believe it until you do something that proves yourself genuine.  But anyway, this girl who shall remain nameless stayed on my watch for quite some time.

She proved herself when someone who I thought had proved themself a long time ago, ended up surprising the hell out of me and hurting me more than I had been hurt in a long time.

When you don’t know someone super well, you dont have to do anything for them. If you do, you’ll catch my attention. This girl, who I had never formally met, provided me with lots of emotional support during that time, from listening to me cry and bitch about people, to plotting revenge. I found myself actually being grateful that she was there. Who else would I have talked to? I needed someone who would have understood, and she certainly did.

Even after that, I was still leary of her. She just had a very bubbly personality, and I faulted her for that. I don’t know why, considering I don’t think people fault me for having that same personality trait… at least I don’t think they do. I still hadn’t really gotten to know her. So, we went and got coffee.

We sat and talked for hours. It got to the point where we were getting those “Uh hello where are you” texts from people. I had finally given her that chance, one I should have given to her a long time ago.

Turns out, she and I have a lot in common. Aside from a very clear love for Starbucks, we were both extremely sarcastic, enjoyed going out, and could talk for DAYS. And we do. Because I gave her a chance.

If I hadn’t, I would have missed out on a very valuable friendship.



Thank you, Hailey.



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