Saturday Secrets/The Bright Side

Drawing inspiration from secrets.

I used to think I didn’t have any secrets and then I realized that I have a ton.

1. I never wanted to be married until I went to college.

2. When my boyfriend and I take my baby sister out for dinner, we go along with it when people assume shes our daughter.

3. When I’m in a rush/don’t feel like waiting in a long line for coffee, I ask the people if I can cut them because I’m about to get ready for a wedding.

4. I cry every single time I watch the Titanic.

5. I met my current boyfriend via twitter.

6. I don’t mind not going home often.

7. I screen my calls.

8. I adore my boyfriends mother. How many girls can say that?

9. I have only gotten one detention in my whole life…. okay two… for not turning in homework in the 4th grade, and for chewing gum in 8th grade.

10. When I’m alone in my apartment (80% of the time), I don’t wear pants and usually start to rock out.


Onto the next portion…

None of what I’ve gone through in the past year, or will continue to go through is easy. Everything requires a great deal of patience, and hope, and trust, and lots of other things that are real hard to come by sometimes. This summer, I’ve been pretty lonely. Except the times my boyfriend would visit me and vice versa, and when darling sweet ToniAnn came to town a few times, I have been alone. It sucked and I cried and I talked to everyone about it. But I didn’t think of the bright side.

Being alone, I finally had time to focus on ME. I had taken three summer classes this summer, and needed to do good in each of them. I had lots of decorating to do with my new apartment. I had a future little to begin crafting for. I had a serious tan to work on. And you know what? I got to do all of that and then some. It was nice to be able to be a little selfish on my own. Having a roommate was kind of a challenge last year because we didn’t see eye to eye on much. But now I only had to worry about me, my mess, my schedule, ME. And it was nice.

And like my long distance relationship. It sucks beyond belief to not see my boyfriend every single day or so like most people. But, when I’m with him, the wait is worth it. I spend the week just focused on school and work and then when the weekend comes, its all him and I. And I love it.


Basically, just always look on the bright side of life.


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