Those Conversations You Wish Didn’t Have To Happen

“I broke a lamp”

“I failed a test”

“I don’t trust you”

“I lost my job”

“I’m jealous”


Ever have those conversations where you’re biting your tongue the whole time because you wish you didnt have to have the conversation? And you’re trying to think of ways to cleverly change the topic, or avoid questions with short answers. I feel like the past few weeks of my life have been a string of conversations I didn’t want to happen. 


A very scummy guy solidified my reasons for trust issused the other night due his complete lack of fidelity to his girlfriend. For the record this isn’t me, rather something I watched happen. Not only his lack of fidelity, but his lack of regard for others that are in a happy, committed relationship, is what really pissed me off. How can you sit there and be completely flirty with someone else and say “I’m much more committed than you think I am”. Buddy, it’s not hard to be more committed than I think you are right now. Your girlfriend lives 2 minutes down the road, go pester her. Then you say “She’s not like that”. Oh? So now youre being a total douche-lord and assuming I am? Believe me you deserve a swift slap in the mouth for that one. 

Nothing happened, obviously, but no girlfriend wants to tell her boyfriend she was harrassed. It just causes serious amounts of concern.

Although its even worse when your boyfriend is nowhere to be found, and while you should tell him, you actually can’t because he is MIA. 

Let me just say that few things piss me off more than people who just STOP texting. If youre going out, or fucking around, tell me! I’ll stop expecting a response and be far less annoyed with your lack of texting ettiquite. 


The conversation about last nights events happened this morning, and of course I was still upset about it. Hello.. someone completely disrespected me.

That conversation sparked a damn fire.

It’s nice having a boyfriend that’s a bit protective. It’s nice knowing they care.

Snowball effect, we hashed a million and five things out.

And truthfully I didn’t feel like having half a million of those conversations.

Love him, love talking to him, but could have done without most of those.



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