The past should stay there… right?

It has always confused the hell out of me how poeple stay friends with their exes. I don’t mean like “say hi to them in public” friends, I mean “keep in touch, visit, friends with the family” friends. Am I doing something wrong? Because I am not close with a single one of my exes. We do not talk, we do not say hello, we have not kept in touch. And I’m completely okay with that. Why would I keep in contact with someone who had hurt me? I can’t say that I hurt them because my relationships typically ended because of something they did. Sometimes they just plain didn’t work out, and it got awkward after that. Like hello, you didn’t treat me like a princess and that’s not cool. You’re no longer worth my time. I can’t say they didn’t make attempts to reappear in my life, because some did. Sorry, not interested. I don’t like to make mistakes, so why would I willingly make the same one twice? Provided, being friends, they can’t hurt me in the same ways, but that trust is hindered; that ship has sailed.

Even giving them chances. If you’re crazy, and you suck, and you’re hell bent on being “friends”, thats awesome. I don’t care. Why would someone repeatedly let them try to prove themselves worthy of being a friend, and watch them continuously screw that up? But then KEEP letting them try? Hello! STOP!

Maybe it weirds me out so much when other people are friends with exes because I never had that experience, and I don’t want to have it either. I mean it doesn’t make me mad, it just really, really throws me off. Like, how do you do it? 


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