The Little Things

So, after what happened on Friday, I’ve been doing great. I haven’t cried since Saturday, and I’m just making some changing in my life that I’m proud of. Everything is great, until the little things take hold. First off, let me say that I hate being a girl. The emotional rollercoaster that we go through … More The Little Things

Da Rulez

THE TITLE IS NOT A SPELLING ERROR Rather merely a refence to the rule book in the Fairly Oddparents. I don’t know why I’m doing two posts in a day but I am so here it is, read it and love it people. It has been one hell of a day. But I think everything … More Da Rulez

All Things Relevant

Well, after my extremely productive day (which consisted of 20 minutes of class and four hours of napping), I finally decided to hop back on here. While doing my accounting homework, the youtube sidebar recommended some videos of dance routines, one of which was to one of my favorite songs, “The Scientist” by Coldplay. Naturally, … More All Things Relevant


Sometimes, life surprises the hell out of you. And it scares you. And it turns your perspective around, and changes everything all in a short two word sentence. Yesterday, I heard the words “I’m done” come out of my boyfriends mouth. I was blind-sided by what had happened much like Elle Woods was when Warner … More D-Day