Da Rulez


Rather merely a refence to the rule book in the Fairly Oddparents.

I don’t know why I’m doing two posts in a day but I am so here it is, read it and love it people.

It has been one hell of a day. But I think everything is finally hitting me. I’ve talked to a lot of people about whats going on, and everyones trying to be optimistic. But I really wonder if they mean it, or if they’re being optimistic for my sake? I mean don’t get me wrong, I am an absolute wreck right now. I’m borderline embarassed for how I’m going to look walking into my sorority house for fireside chats tonight, but I really can’t justify putting on more makeup. Like hello you guys are my sisters and have to love me even when my eyeliner is halfway down my face. But anyway…

I’m starting to feel like a broken record. It’s the same hurt in my mind, the same reassuring phone calls from my friends, the same questions I keep asking myself.

It’s time for me to hop off that. Today while I was cleaning, I stumbled upon all my old high school yearbooks. Naturally, I had to look through all of them…. just to see how fabulous I looked as a freshman obviously. As I was mindlessly flipping the pages, remembering faces I had seen every day and never really talked to, I saw my friends picture. What a freakin’ great person. One of the nicest people I know. Faced countless hardships, and even when the world was against him, managed to keep a positive attitude and get through it. And he managed to survive everything life threw at him. Why was he able to maneuver through life with such.. not ease.. but grace? He just rolled with everything. Then I remember he had this set of “rules” he always referred to. Like my senior year. I hadn’t had a valentine in years, which I was totally okay with. But I left school to find a bouquet of flowers on my car, because hey rule number three states that everyone deserves flowers on Valentines day. And today, as I’m facing literally every curveball life could possibly throw at me (all low and inside), I remembered those rules. So, little annoying me, asked him to forward me the list of rules. I think everyone should look through them. I’m not saying follow these ones exactly, but make your own. Use this as inspiration.

1. Women Never Pay

2. Only thing a man has are his word, ideals, and family/friends

3. Everyone deserves flowers on Valentines Day

4. Everyone gets a birthday gift

5. There is no excuse for mistreating a woman

6. Only fight worth fighting, is one that someone cant win alone

7. No gesture is too big

8. Always say thank you, the only way you know how

9. Friends are too be treated as an extension of family

10. Its only money

11. Always open the door

12. Pride isn’t important

13. Never lie to a woman

14. Don’t cuss at a woman

15. You are not the most important person in the room

16. Modesty is a must

17. Never Give up

18. If you can afford it, do it

19. Today is the only day that counts

20. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around

21. Be honest with yourself

22. Smile

23. Do everything you can to make people smile

24. Work for what you want

25. Don’t spend more then $30 on yourself at a time

26. Treat the future as the destination, not a dream

27. Never break a promise

28. Stay Reverent

29. Help anyway you can

30. Have fun with everything you do

31. Don’t do something expecting to be paid

32. Family and Friends are all that matters

33. Never break your rules

34. If its importnant to them its important to you

35. Don’t talk to someone unless you plan on listening

36. You’re not always right

37.  Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

38. Don’t judge

39. Trust until given a reason not too

40. Focus on others first

41. Your worth is judged by your character

42. Generosity

43. Don’t pretend to be who you aren’t

44. Don’t drink and drive…period

45. Don’t let your friends drink and drive

46. Always be nice

47. If you need to impress someone, walk away

48. Never discuss price

49. Women don’t pay for gas

50. Don’t stop until you get where you’re going

51. There are no excuses for failure

While some of these are a little more specific to a circumstance, others are not, and I think more people should take notes.

If you agree with any of these rules, go thank Andrew Choquette. There are his, not mine. Actually they’re his grandfathers but you get the point.

Life knocks you down, and sometimes it knocks you down hard. Today I’ve been laying on the ground whining about how it hurt, but tomorrow I’m going to wake up and tell life that it hits like a bitch.


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