A Memory

So… we spoke again yesterday. And it made me realize something, something that has made getting over this easier.

I am in love with a memory. I am in love with a person who does not exist anymore. And that, my friends, is stupid.

I mean really, why spend time in some sort of pseudophillic mental relationship? Total waste. So, I can’t be sad anymore. I mean really, the past is no place to live, so why keep remembering the good ole days? Remembering them won’t just magically bring them back, no matter how many times you replay them in your mind. It’s the past, and it’s not coming back. I shouldn’t be upset and frustrated over something I really can’t control. It’s not fair for me to be hurting over the confusions and frustrations of a boy. Absolutely not. 

Short sweet and to the point today! Perks of being busy. Oh, and happy. Being happy means I have a lot less to complain about and  a lot more to smile about, and oh is it awesome!




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