It’s Been A While

I swore I wouldn’t make the same mistake I did last home game…… and I did.

Word of advice? Don’t just lose your ex boyfriends number, delete any evidence of its existence. Turns out even when I’m under the weather, I know to look far enough into my recent calls. How can I be that resourceful under those circumstances…? That’s so backwards!

But now for some real talk.

I have been struggling with something to write about for a while. Not because I’m having writers block or because my life has been THAT dull (because I promise you, it has been anything but in the past few weeks). But because I’m afraid of hurting some people with my posts. And by some people, I mean my ex. I feel like I can’t share with the rest of the world all the wonderful things I’ve been doing and all the amazing people I’ve been meeting. But today, I don’t care anymore. I want to write about the fun dates I’ve been on becuase hey, some of you all could draw from them and use them as your own date ideas. So… here they are.

I had a nice night in, with a dinner cooked for me and the Red Sox ALCS game 4 on the TV ready to be watched.

I went to World of Beer and the Blue Marlin, which is a complete dinner/drinks date.

I had bojangles delivered to me in my apartment because I was feeling blue.

I FINALLY SAW THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and good lord would I see it again. Kind of awkward when you’re there with another guy and you can’t stop swooning over Leo.

Sunday brunch, because what two students don’t like to feel classy for an hour?

Truth be told, I feel a lot like Elle Woods circa the original Legally Blonde. Me, being Elle of course, gets dumped by _____ or shall we say Warner Huntington thhe Third, and eventually meet my Emmett. Funny the way life happens?

I’m too tired to go into detail about this new fab find, but if you want to meet someone interesting, I suggest you hang out around the law school.



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