Catching Up

Well, I’m officially done with this semester from hell. Finally.

So much has gone on, I don’t even know where to start. So, I’m going to just list it out quick.

-I passed accounting, which is a small miracle.

-I declared my majors and minors

-I learned to like onion rings

-I spent more time in the library in the past week than I did all last year

-I decided to try out for the Carolina Coquettes dance team in the spring.

-I have been working on making my craft board on Pinterest come to life, slowly but surely. 

And most importantly, I cannot wait to be home.

I have not been home in SIX MONTHS. For some people, that’s insane, and for others, that’s nothing. But, I am so ready to be back in the small town that I constantly complained about and ragged on. I can’t wait to go on the same one lane roads I’ve travelled my whole life, eating the same pizza from Nikos/Uncle Sams, getting chill zone’s with my friends, and seeing all my great friends at UMASS. But, these six months I’ve been gone, I found out who my real friends are. Not just because of distance, but because of everything that has happened in the past six months. Who has extended a hand to me when my heart was broken? Who sent me random texts like “can’t wait to see you over break!”? Who didn’t completely forget about me? 

I know being 1000 miles away from my closest friends and family makes keeping in touch difficult, but with all the damn technology we have today, it isn’t impossible. It is so easy to tell someone that you won’t forget about them, but it takes a little effort to make it happen. You find out who’s in it for good and who really shouldn’t be. 

I’m so ADD right now I can’t focus on what I’m typing because truthfully I just want to craft and bake cookies, but mostly craft. 

BUT my crafts are cool as heck so expect pictures sometime in the coming weeks!




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