Inspiration Station

So I’ve been MIA since last year…. ha ha haaaaaa…

I hate those jokes too, sorry, the opportunity was just so.. there.

Anyway, I will save you all from hearing me go all “new year, new me”, because the truth is, that I am going to be the same Abby you all know and (hopefully) love. Except, I’m going to be better.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by so many people and the initiatives they’re taking in their own lives, that I’ve decided to up my game and be the same person I was, but a better version of that. 

My boyfriend has inspired me a TON. For starters, he’s picked up reading, for the sake of his inteligence. He’s a smart guy to begin with, but it is undeniable that those who read are generally more knowledgeable. He’s dedicated more time to working out and eating healthy as well, for the sake of his body. He inspired me to follow along to a reading list (, work out more, and be more mindful of what I put into my body. I won’t be kissing chick-fil-a goodbye forever, but toning it down won’t kill me. 

My new roommate has vowed to take her schoolwork more seriously, something that I definitely need to latch onto. I can honestly say that I’m not proud of my academic performance in my college career thus far, and this seriously needs to change. I start each semester with a gung-ho attitude about making A’s and being the perfect student. While I have accepted that I may never be the perfect student, I have been slapped in the face with the reality that I need to be the absolute best student I can be. I swore I would never take 18 credit hours again after last spring semester, but here I am again, in another spring semester, taking 18 credit hours. But, I am so determined to make this GPA the best of my career.

And as for myself, because I can never be too busy, I have picked a few things that I would personally like to work on.

1. Love harder.

  • Self explanatory. I’ve learned a lot about lovin’ in the last month or so, and it isn’t something to be taken lightly or given a half ass effort. Not that I have ever taken love lightly or not given it my all, but I’m going to take my typical whole-hearted effort and kick it up a notch….,or ten. 

2. Listen more.

  • I am so guilty of jumping to conclusions and not hearing people out. In fact, not just not hearing them out, just not listening to everything they say. I stop listening once I hear something displeasing and dwell on that. Welp, no more of that!

3. Fight for what I believe in.

  • Let’s be honest, we all get a little soft when faced with adverse opinions, and aren’t as strong as we should be as far as sticking by our feelings goes. Time for the year of “take no shit”.

4. Geniunely complement someone very day (because we all looooove a pick me up!)

  • I complemented a total stranger at Target earlier this week. Why? Because I liked her sweater and wanted to know where I could potentially pick one up for myself. You would have thought I had told her that she had won the lotto with the way she reacted. A huge, geniune smile beamed from her face, while genuine gratitude flowed out of her mouth. If I could make one person feel half that good at least once a day, why wouldn’t I?

5. Complete at least 20 pinterest crafts.

  • Now, y’all who know me know that I love to craft. But I notice that I’ve been crafting a lot of the same things. Canvases with quotes, and chug jugs have been my major concentrations. So, considering I have to furnish an apartment and make it pretty with another girl starting in the summer, I may as well put my artistic ability to use and make some cute, cheap, DIY projects to spruce up the place. This includes but is not limited to: picture frames, mugs, chalk boards, mirrors, and floor poofs. 

6. At least get halfway through my reading list (65 books in 52 weeks is a bit of a tall order for a business student, or any college student for that matter).

  • I can honestly say I havent read a novel, cover to cover, with dedication, since the summer before I left for college. And that was only because the university was “making” us read this book. Sure, the book kind of sucked, but not all books suck. I can’t limit myself to reading articles in Cosmo or on Buzzfeed. Now I’m not saying that I’m going to stop reading Buzzfeed while I’m studying or Cosmo while I’m painting my nails, but I think it is important that I do this, just for myself. I can read, and I have the priveledge to read. I need to take advantage of that. Aaaaaand read all of the classics that my high school english teahers never had us read. 

7. Stop making excuses.

  • “I don’t have gas”, “I’m sick”, “I don’t have money”, and my personal favorite “I can’t”. ENOUGH ALREADY! I’m going to regret those times that I blew off friends, family, a shift at work, among other things, for these stupid reasons. Half the time, the excuse isn’t even a true one. I know that makes me come across as an asshole, but lets be honest. We’re all guilty of making up those excuses to get out of things that aren’t necessarily obligations, but things that we would need an excuse to get out of. Time to stop that. Just do it. Is the 15 minute commute to work going to kill me? No. Is getting differ with a long lost friend really going to mess up my plans that much? Absolutely not. Just do it already. 

8. Worry less, and enjoy day to day life more.

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say that I let worries of what the future holds get to me. I’m so concerned about where I’ll be in     5 years that I forget to enjoy where I am now. College is the time where I am allowed to netflix binge, sleep until noon, go on random day trips, spend money on frivolous things (or even just a late night Cookout or Insomnia order). The real world comes way too fast, and I won’t be able to do most of those things without feeling some kind of guilt for it later. Because then I have to be grown up and mature and blah blah blah….

So there you have it guys, my list of imporovements effective for the year 2014.

“Do not make resolutions, make committments.”



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