In the past two months, I have written about six or seven drafts. I can write and write and write, but I can’t close them. So I don’t post them.

I’m feeling a lot of stress lately, and it’s been taking away from my creative side. Between summer classes and looking for more hours to work and being a good daughter and girlfriend, I’m spread thin. And oooooh do i hate that. I also had made lists of things to blog about, but stupidly left them at work and my coworker threw them out. So that’s fun.

Since I’ve been gone for about two months, let’s play catch-up.

I’ve completed my sophomore year of college, and kept my scholarship for another year (thank you, based god). 

I’ve raised my credit score over 80 points.

I’ve lost another friend to drug addiction.

I’ve gotten rid of two bags of clothes…. but my closet still has absolutely no space.

I’ve devised some plans to re-vamp my apartment for next year.

I’ve decided on going back to my roots, literally, and getting my hair back to the color the good lord intended it.

I’ve gotten a second tattoo.

I’ve done a lot of “soul searching”, and figured out the things that are most important to me.

I’ve figured out where I see myself in five years,

(I’ve actually had that figured out for a while.)

I’ve lost some friends, and gained some new ones.

I found at that if you work at American Eagle for five years, they give you a Tiffany’s gift card.

I’ve gotten resized for bras and realized I’ve been wearing the wrong size for about two years. Awk.

I’m so close to completing my “above the kitchen cabinets wine bottle collection”.

I’ve lost my creative streak, and that sucks.

It’s been a cool two months, but it’s time for me to fall back onto the wagon. Until then, follow me on pinterest because I’m a little more dedicated to that (oops).



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