It has not been long since my last post, although I have written many drafts. From jotting notes in my phone to typing full fledged would-be posts, only to delete them at the last possible second. Well, the note in my phone has quite a few bullet points, so I’m going to carefully discuss all … More Continuity


After last nights’ post I got a lot of positive feedback about how much people love how honest I am in my posts. “Honest?” I thought, how on earth….? Sure it was the honest truth, but I didn’t write a whole lot of vivid details of what I’m feeling. Just that I was feeling them. … More Continued

Without a Title

I’ve written this post, or various versions of it, hundreds of times. Sometimes in my head, sometimes on my phone, or in┬ámy marketing notebook. But I never published any of them. I like to think I’m pretty good with words, but every single one of these drafts didn’t feel right. They did not effectively convey … More Without a Title