How To Deal

text your ex text old flings drink four and a half bottles of wine walk alone in the dark without your phone buy 3 pairs of shoes plan a date every night for the next two weeks or so   These are all awful ideas of ways to get over someone. I am currently a … More How To Deal

Too Much Going On

The last time I had something to say, it was something along the lines of catching feelings. Don’t do it folks. Just don’t. The cliftsnotes version of this story is that I got too excited too early and it blew up in my face. I didn’t heed warnings of any of my friends, because apparently … More Too Much Going On


So now that the holiday season is in full swing at work and my social life has essentially come to a screeching halt until further notice, I’ve had a lot of time to get my ish together. My apartment has never been cleaner, finances kept up, and for once, my hair hasn’t been totally sucking. … More Again

Hello, it’s me

After a seriously long hiatus, I am happy to say that I’m back! Some minor setbacks included moving, my trusty college laptop breaking on me, and just playing catch up on my life in general. When I saw that I hadn’t posted since July, I could hardly believe it. The past five months or so … More Hello, it’s me

Old Habits Die Hard

I am not exactly the best person in the world at making sound decisions. I’m impulsive, passionate, and emotional, which does not usually yield good choices. Sort of like, act now, think later, and deal with the consequences way longer than expected. I’m only human with my cross to bear. It all started when my … More Old Habits Die Hard